Monday, January 25, 2010

Wuthering Heights... Oye vey!

I remember skimming through "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte, in high school for my senior english class. I've never really read it, so I decided I'd watch the BBC's version of the book in a made-for-tv movie. It was to say the least, not the slightest bit romantic. Instead, I feel it should not be looked at as a tragic love story, but as a theoretical documentation of dysfunctional relationships with family members, as well as necrophylia and other psychological disorders.
In order to really understand the conclusion I've come to, I must "tell" you the story.
In the begining we see Cathy, the daughter of the late Cathy Linton and Edward Linton. Cathy Linton died giving birth to her daughter. Cathy, however has come to know her cousin Linton, who is the son of Edwards sister. After a short time, Linton, who is very sickly in nature, is taken away to live with his father, who according to Edward, lives "very far away".
The story follows Edward and Linton, onto Lintons fathers residence. We learn that Linton's father is Heathcliff, a man who is unkind and relentless. He is vicious in appearance and behavior toward both his son and Edward. Edward makes sure that Linton is safe with Heathcliff and sets off for home.
Meanwhile, a distraught Cathy, cries to Nelly, her governess, about never having any friends and wondering why her father has sent Linton away. So, Nelly offers to take her on a walk to the crags, little does Cathy know, that this was the same place her mother and her lover, Heathcliff, met. While she is climbing them, she comes accross heathcliff and he tells her he knows where Linton is. Thus, lureing her into his trap...
to be continued at a time more suitable for being awake...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sherlock: a review...

I love a good action flick as much as anyone. In fact I like them more than most girls my age. However, when you take a story such as "Sherlock Holmes" please do try to stick with the characteristics of Sherlock.

It's a good movie, I recommend it to you, but just keep in mind this is not the Sherlock Holmes you read in High school. I already had it figured out by the time Blackwood "rose" from the dead. In the novels, you had absolutely no idea what the solution would be. In this film, if you have half a brain, you know it by the first half hour.

I still recommend it, just keep in mind all you Sherlock crazies, it's not done in the same fashion as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have liked it to be. I would have liked to see more mystery and less brute blood and gut punches.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ode to Joy! Cleaning up after Christmas and New Years...

Well, firstly, I am so sorry it's been a few days since I've published anything. I'm very tired after a long grueling weekend of painting... I've never painted a room in my adult life. The last time was when I was about 7 or 8 and I wanted a little mermaid theme.
This time I decided to go with a springtimey feeling. Three of my walls are purple and I left one wall green. My mother says it's "guacamole" colored, but I like the term chartruse or sagebrush. What do you think? When I figure out this new digital camera I'll set up some pictures for you.
Whilest cleaning my room I looked into my horribley unorganized closet and found my old polaroid camera! You know the ones that develop practically in front of your eyes? I don't know why those things went out of fashion! You can do so many creative things with them! While they're developing, you can draw on them and when they develop what you've drawn is on there! It's so cool! you have to do it right the first time though. There is no magic eraser that will work on this.
I've been thinking as I'm packing to go back to school next week. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? I love writing, but that makes next to no money. I love teaching, but that also makes next to nothing. I want to travel, write, start a family, and help others. Is there such a job in this universe that would hire a poor student that loves to teach?
I'm good at teaching too. Everyone I know was majorly confused and concerned when I changed my major from elementary ed to communication arts. I know God has me destined to teach, but what? Hmmm... very confusing...
Well it's about time for me to help my dad clean the house... We're having a house warming party this weekend. I wonder why is it called a house "warming" party? Is the house cold?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nouveau: New

It's that time of year again; People are making New Years resolutions and there are people breaking them. In the past I've purposefully tried not to make New Years resolutions because I have trouble sticking to anything. Including brushing my teeth. I know, that sounds horribly disgusting, but, I do it. I just have to set an alarm to remind myself to.
This year, however, I have decided to change my lackadaisical ways, and do something. I just have to figure out what. So I figure I should start out small. My first task for this year will be to write on this blog three times a week. I hope this won't be too difficult for me, seeing as I love writing.
I also decided that I should do something new every month! I suppose this month will be painting since I haven't really done much of it during my short 20 years of life. I'm painting my room right now. Maybe I'll blog a little bit about that too.
If anyone else reads this, please feel free to give me ideas about what new thing I should do each month. That's why this post is called Nouveau! NEW! I very much appreciate it!
Love Moi!