Monday, January 25, 2010

Wuthering Heights... Oye vey!

I remember skimming through "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte, in high school for my senior english class. I've never really read it, so I decided I'd watch the BBC's version of the book in a made-for-tv movie. It was to say the least, not the slightest bit romantic. Instead, I feel it should not be looked at as a tragic love story, but as a theoretical documentation of dysfunctional relationships with family members, as well as necrophylia and other psychological disorders.
In order to really understand the conclusion I've come to, I must "tell" you the story.
In the begining we see Cathy, the daughter of the late Cathy Linton and Edward Linton. Cathy Linton died giving birth to her daughter. Cathy, however has come to know her cousin Linton, who is the son of Edwards sister. After a short time, Linton, who is very sickly in nature, is taken away to live with his father, who according to Edward, lives "very far away".
The story follows Edward and Linton, onto Lintons fathers residence. We learn that Linton's father is Heathcliff, a man who is unkind and relentless. He is vicious in appearance and behavior toward both his son and Edward. Edward makes sure that Linton is safe with Heathcliff and sets off for home.
Meanwhile, a distraught Cathy, cries to Nelly, her governess, about never having any friends and wondering why her father has sent Linton away. So, Nelly offers to take her on a walk to the crags, little does Cathy know, that this was the same place her mother and her lover, Heathcliff, met. While she is climbing them, she comes accross heathcliff and he tells her he knows where Linton is. Thus, lureing her into his trap...
to be continued at a time more suitable for being awake...

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