Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Joys of blockbuster

Today was a brilliant day! I woke up at around 12:45, got dressed, went to lunch, talked with some friends, and decided to call my dad, and at 3:30 I had my very first job interview! I don't know how it went really. I feel like I rambled on a lot, but we had a good conversation. I applied for a job this summer as a counselor at a camp back home in Oregon. Hopefully I get the job!
At 5:00 pm, I went to dinner, ate, and visited with some of my closest friends on campus. at about 6:15 we(Brittany and I) walked with Arynn to her night class which started at 6:30. since it was freezing cold outside, Brittany and I decided to stay inside the chapel building and play on the computers in the comm lab. During our walk from the cafeteria to the chapel, I had a song from the lion king stuck in my head, so, once we were safe and warm in the comm lab, I logged onto youtube and looked up hakuna matata. From then until about 6:50 we had a youtube battle of awesome disney movie songs like the songs from a goofy movie. Whilest all of this was "going down", I checked my email and in my inbox was a message from redbox. Then I saw that the movie "The Stepfather" a thriller, was out on dvd. I showed Brittany the trailer, and she was hooked. So, we checked the availability on redboxes website, and in all of the locations we could find, it was out of stock! So, we called blockbuster and they had it! So, we decided to get into my decidedly "Ghetto" car, and drive to blockbuster.
Now, I only call my cars "Ghettoness" into the picture, because my cars heater doesn't work. So, instead of scraping ice off the outside of my windshield, we were scraping ice off of the inside of my car. So, needless to say the ride to blockbuster was thrilling. Indeed, the window was rolled down and it was 27 degrees outside. I went through the neighborhood of stonewall and turned left on to washington, and then took a right into the blockbuster parking lot. We had arrived!
Once, we were in the parking lot, I told Brittany to go on ahead, so that I could scrape mored ice off the inside of my car. After I finished up, I found Brittany inside by the childrens movies section. She ended up renting 3 movies from that area of the store. Then, we decided to go on the hunt for "The Stepfather". We parted ways and eventually, Brittany found it.
We met by the 5 dollar bin, and we were tempted by the low prices to go searching for movies. Then, the successful salesman arrived with well timed news! They were having a 5 for 15 dollars sale on all the movies in the 5 dollar bins. Quickly, Brittany and I rummaged through all 10 bins. Little did we know how much time had passed and that our phones were both on silent. We had lost track of the time and had momentarily forgotten about Arynn! Shortly before we left, I took out my phone and noticed 3 missed calls and 5 text messages! Hurridley, Brittany took out her phone and called Arynn assuring her that we would be back soon and asked her if there was anything we could get for her. Of course we stopped by qt, not just because Arynn wanted something though, I was thirsty. So, I got my dr pepper with vanilla and tons of cherry flavoring, and hopped into the ghetto icebox that is my car(also nicknamed "the Green Bean"), and drove off back to school.
So, we got back to school, and ran back to the dorm with everything in tow, through the freezing cold. After we began to show Arynn our treasures, I realized that I had left my phone in the car. I weighed the pros and cons of leaving my phone out in the car, and decided that I wouldn't wake up without my phone so I trudged back out into the wintery cold. When I came back we watched the remainder of a blazer game, and then the live action version of the flinstones. By the way, did you know that Rick Morranis from "Honey I shrunk the kids", plays Barney Rubble? I just noticed it for the first time! After all of that, we went to bed, well sort of at least for me.
I however, couldn't sleep, so I watched 3 of the 5 movies I bought. I bought "The Last Of The Mohicans", which is one of my favorite movies ever! I also watched "Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey", and "Uptown Girls". The former movie made me miss my dogs too much so
I watched the latter for the music. Now I am upset about not being able to find, "It's a charmed life" by Leigh Nash on iTunes, and getting ready to go to hot breakfast.

P.S. The other two movies I got were "Josie and the pussycats" and "Once"... No sleep added to this recipe for a wonderful crazy day... Or would it be Wonderfully crazy day?

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