Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reaching out!

You will never believe what I have to tell you! Actually, you probably will. I just got finished talking with my a distant cousin of mine from France! That's right! Legitimately foriegn is my cousin!
His name is Matthieu, and he lives in... Ardennes(?)... and has 2 horses and 3 dogs! He went to military school to become a teacher in French Literature! I'm sorry if there are a lot of exclamations... I've very excited! He thinks France is boring, but he says that's probably because he lives in the country. He says he works as a farrier(?) and at a local Hotel.
It just boggles me so that I have family halfway across the world! One day I shall go to France and meet this cousin of mine! I'm VERY excited!
While we were talking I mentioned school and how I'm working this summer at a camp. We then started talking about the economy in our respective countries. France has a lot of problems with their economy and immigrants. I told him it was the same in the states and he seemed disappointed. He said that it's always been his dream to come to the states and start a real farm. It seems to me that we as people on this earth have a dream. That dream is to be free. Free to make OUR place in the world. To make a mark that lasts. That's all that my cousin in France wants and it's all that I want! I want to make my mark in the world by being an effective communicator and possibly, one day, teaching people from other countries in the world to speak English and maybe English literature!
Just know that other people are going through the same thing as you, and you are not alone in your struggle to be known! See ya later!

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