Friday, January 1, 2010

Nouveau: New

It's that time of year again; People are making New Years resolutions and there are people breaking them. In the past I've purposefully tried not to make New Years resolutions because I have trouble sticking to anything. Including brushing my teeth. I know, that sounds horribly disgusting, but, I do it. I just have to set an alarm to remind myself to.
This year, however, I have decided to change my lackadaisical ways, and do something. I just have to figure out what. So I figure I should start out small. My first task for this year will be to write on this blog three times a week. I hope this won't be too difficult for me, seeing as I love writing.
I also decided that I should do something new every month! I suppose this month will be painting since I haven't really done much of it during my short 20 years of life. I'm painting my room right now. Maybe I'll blog a little bit about that too.
If anyone else reads this, please feel free to give me ideas about what new thing I should do each month. That's why this post is called Nouveau! NEW! I very much appreciate it!
Love Moi!

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